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Foot and Hand Wall Chart Set (A1)

Foot and Hand Wall Chart Set (A1)

Two informative  multi-coloured  laminated charts  by  Eunice   Ingham  and Dwight  C   Byers , founders of the  IIR . These show the anatomical relationships between the foot and hand reflexes and the corresponding areas of the body. Both wall charts are A1 size (22 inches x 31 inches) and provided at a special price for...

Info Price £ 37.50

Original Ingham Method Foot Wall...

Original Ingham Method Foot Wall Chart (A1)

By Eunice Ingham and Dwight C Byers , founders of the IIR . This informative multi-colored Laminated Chart shows the anatomical...

Info Price £ 27.00

Original Ingham Method Hand Wall...

Original Ingham Method Hand Wall Chart (A1)

The Hand Chart, like the Foot Chart, offers a display of the relationship between the reflexes of the hand and the areas of the body in a detailed,...

Info Price £ 27.00
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